This is the time to evaluate our lives and make plans for the future. The past is gone and is not coming back. This is a good time to start looking at where we want to go and delineate how we are going to get there.  This is the time to make New Year’s resolutions!

woman sitting in a van holding an orange purse
Celia is developing her plan

More often than not, we may decide that there are changes that need to be made. We may decide to start small, like organizing a few drawers; less TV watching at bedtime so we can sleep better; getting a bedtime routine. Perhaps there is room for improvement in our diet; there may be a need to set a routine for exercising our bodies regularly so as lose some weight and improve our physical and mental health.

Exercise can be fun
Stick to your plan when ordering food

Then, there are the big plans – should we change a job or career? Maybe expand our circle of friends? Maybe find someone to love?

All of the above could go under the general heading of meeting our needs and desires and settling into an improved, happy and productive quality of life.

Self-confidence increases when we look good

Yes, all of the above, but this year I am asking: Is 2024 the perfect year to find love and romance?  Well, it may not be the perfect year, but it may just be a very good year. Oh, what a joy that would be!

A positive attitude is a must!

What exactly does this mean? Am I open to attracting a partner, a good partner, one that shares my values? One that is not so hard to get; one that can connect with my friends; one that is attentive to my needs and I to his; one that I can love; one that can be faithful to me as I would be to him.

Thoughts swirling
Manifesting to the Universe

Philosophers and those into metaphysics tell us that our thoughts are made of energy and that energy manifests our desires into the universe. The saying “Look and you shall find” tells us that we need to open our eyes to the possibilities.  So, let our thoughts create our reality.

We know that we can harness our thoughts and actions to improve our health through proper diet, exercise and self-care.  Can we use these same habits looking for the right partner; one with whom we can share our lives? Or moments of our lives? I am asking the question.

Universe are you listening?

This may mean we can define the right person in our minds and manifest this to the universe.  We must also allow the good energy to come in. I can picture myself at the right place at the right time. And if my actions are not getting me what I want, I need to retrace my steps and find a new pathway that will give me better outcomes. And once the manifestation of my thoughts presents itself, I will hang on to it and be thankful for it. So shall it be!